About PrimalFire Design

What do I do ?
I am a freelancer that creates internet campaigns, builds websites, and educates you in how to develop and grow your internet business. I build the website, integrate the widgets and handle technical details, and teach you how to maintain your website and promote it to the world, growing it into success.

With fourteen years of experience in internet marketing, website development & maintenance, ecommerce and social marketing, I know all of the basics of how to create and develop a successful internet marketing campaign.

How does this happen ?

I craft a website based on your business brand and relationship styles, then we implement tried and true methods for promoting your website online and growing an online business. All you have to do is know your target demographic and speak their language. And what is your target demographic ?

That depends on your business. I have helped salons, non-profits, artists, jewelry makers, plumbers, musicians, insurance agents, massage therapists % rolfers, chiropractors, acupuncturists and other holistic doctors, music and yoga instructors, inspirational mentors, restaurants & bars, artisan retail shops, cottage industry independent e-commerce stores, and a horse farm.

My role is translating your marketing knowledge, business experience and relationship style from the real world into the digital realm.

Some of the services I provide are:

  • Customized graphic design to promote your brand, image and message.
  • A place of action to implement for building exposure and growing your online business.
  • Instruction in how to maintain and operate your website.
  • Social marketing networking via email, Facebook, Youtube, Twitter and more.
  • Full featured shopping cart.
  • E-commerce that integrates with PayPal & other payment gateways.
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to optimize placement with organic searches.
  • Integration with Google, Facebook, Twitter & other Third Party Services.
  • Integration with Etsy & eBay.
  • A wordpress video archive to help educate you in maintaining your website.
  • Website maintenance and newsletter updates.

Some of the bonuses of working with me are:

  • I give a lot of free, useful tips when working one to one.
  • I teach you how to not need a web-developer ; I am successful once you no longer require my services.
  • I am able to translate complicated technical information into understandable english, accelerating your learning curve.
  • Fourteen years of experience with many successful online businesses has taught me a lot about what works, doesn’t work, and might work. Rule #1, Keep learning!
  • I have several failures as well, those skeletons in the project closet from which I have learned what to not do again.

How are the websites built ?

Most of my websites are built within WordPress, a free and open-source software platform that allows a technical person like me to customize it to match the needs of a non-technical person like you who wants to just update text and do simple things with the website.

If you don’t know how to WordPress, that is fine! If you can use a basic computer text editor then you have all the skills necessary to operate WordPress. And a great thing about WordPress is that you can update your site with a Mac or a PC, anywhere in the world.

Video Tutorials to support your growth.

Not only can I teach you how to use WordPress, I also make video tutorials that demonstrate the basic lessons of how to do basic tasks. This gives you the tools you need to be independent in maintaining your website.


I also have written some articles about the internet and internet marketing. Ok, right now there is just ONE article, but that will change. Soon you will find even more useful information about software, practical tools, tricks and tips in my articles.

What are you waiting for ?

If you are looking for a way to earn money online but feel overwhelmed by the complexity of the internet and don’t know where to start, then please allow me to help you take those first steps into a positive and successful online business. There are many small details that can make a big difference when getting involved with an internet business and making money, let me help you get started with the best possible tools and simple, effective, time-proven techniques.

If you haven’t contacted me and you are just interested in what I do and how I do it, then feel free to check out my video tutorials, browse the site, and you can leave feedback or not. Thank you for visiting!

  • Do you want to use the internet to make money ?
  • Are you a business owner with an existing product or service ?
  • Does low-cost, high-return marketing interest you ?
  • Do you have a vision but not the technical ability to setup a website that sells ?
  • Do you want a simple way to maintain and make changes to your own website ?
  • Are you looking to revamp your existing website ? Or build a new one ?
  • Are you looking for results ?

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