Make money online selling STUFF.

Accentuate your current business model with an internet sales channel, I know the basic nuts and bolts of making an ecommerce site, and have been a silver power seller on eBay. Since before the internet was popular, I have been selling online, first paying for college by selling Magic the Gathering Cards, and then supplementing my income with art and jewelry sales. I’ve personally helped over 25 businesses and individuals get started selling their products on the internet, and can help you too.

Every online retailers needs to have an e-Commerce site for many reasons beyond the obvious one MORE PROFIT :

1. Control over product.
2.  Better pricing and profit margins.
3. Easy of communication and improved customer retention.
4. Established methods for recieving income.
5. Direct control over shipping and customer service.

Setting up a successful ecommerce platform is a simple process, if you know what you are doing. ¬†There are several basic details to address, and once put into place, operate smoothly. Having a shopping cart and ecommerce website that you can control, where you can add and remove product, have sale pricing, promote through newsletters, and upsell and communicate through facebook … is essential.

There are many different ways to setup a shopping cart and ecommerce website ; what I do is address your particular need and create a customized solution for you.

Save yourself the time and energy from having to discover and learn all the basics on your own. Allow me to get you started today.

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