What is a Marketing Platform Website ?

It’s a website that you have full control over to use in marketing your business, art, or skill online. You are able to edit, modify and control the content of the website without any middle person. Even better, the website is expandable and customisable to suite your particular needs.

How does this happen ?

By using the WordPress content management system platform, we are able to separate the technical wizardry from the needs of the regular computer user. I create and build the website to match your need, and then you are able to broadcast your information to the entire world through written word, audio, and video presentation. Adding the power of social media gives you additional channels to communicate and relate to your target market, your website functions as the core of an internet money making engine.

What kind of services do we use ?

Google Plus, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook are the most common and easily accessible tools ; but there are many common sense approaches to marketing that can be done in real life ; flyers, face to face selling, classified ads and print advertisements. Regardless of how the creatively business is marketed, the marketing platform website remains central to any long-term marketing campaign.

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